Corporate Sponsors

Corporations can utilize any of the donation categories for individuals, as well as the following:

  • Supporting schools: Individual schools can arrange to have special events organized for their students, as well as training programs for their teachers. They will also receive special notice of upcoming events. We can currently offer this for schools in the LA area, and in Sao Paulo and Parana state (Brazil). We encourage schools from other areas to contact us if they are interested, and we will accommodate their requests if possible. The specific donation value for this category will depend on the school's status (private/public) and the cost of the desired events.
  • Silver sponsor*: $500 or more. To thank you for your donation, your company logo will be displayed on the 2019 promotional material and enrollment website. Company logo will also be included in all public outreach events related to the 2019 program.
  • Gold sponsors*: $750 or more. Besides the silver level benefits, gold sponsors will, as a token of our gratitude, receive prominent placement and twice the add space in all program materials. Gold sponsors will also receive a discount to obtain similar status in future programs.
  • Platinum sponsor*: highest donor (must be $1000 or more), will be showcased with a banner on our homepage and the official sponsor for the 2019 event. Their logo will be features prominently along side the WLF logo on the first page of all promotional material. We will also, to the best of our ability, highlight our platinum sponsor in all media coverage of the event and in all outreach events leading up to the 2019 course.

*all sponsors are subject to WLF's approval, and should contact us prior to making a donation so as to ensure they are eligible for the aforementioned benefits. These offers are subject to change at any time. The benefits listed above are our way of thanking our supporters. We are always happy to discuss additional setups so as to best suit our sponsor's needs. But, we would highlight that these are not services available for purchase. All promotional material is prepared by volunteers who will do their best to follow these guidelines, but no promises can be made as to advertisement results.

We also organize outreach events, including lectures on college admissions. If you would like to arrange for one of these lectures at your institution, contact us: help@wlfprogram.com