About us

What we are

WLF is a 501(c) nonprofit with the objective of promoting opportunities for women in STEM fields. We offer accessible lectures, courses, and summer programs that seek to introduce young women to STEM subjects, and help them prepare for careers in these fields. We also offer lectures on college admission, and provide mentoring for our former students.

Our programs are meant to be accessible to all women who are interested in learning more about STEM. That is why all our courses are offered completely free to all participants. We believe education should be available to all, regardless of income or nationality. Through our program, we take steps to reduce these barriers that are exacerbated in the STEM fields.

WLF program is based in California, and was founded by Columbia University alumni. We have an ongoing collaboration with teachers at the IFPR institute in Brazil, and hope to expand to additional locations in the next few years.

Who we are

Ana Lobo


Currently a PhD Candidate at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) studying large scale fluid dynamics in planetary Atmospheres. She has an undergraduate degree in Astronomy and Earth Sciences from Columbia University, and a Masters in Planetary Sciences from Caltech.

Fatima Diallo


Is currently a brand ambassador at Everlane, a fashion startup, in New York City. She is preparing to pursue a medical degree in the near future and has an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Hispanic Studies from Columbia University.

Vincent Guarnaccia


Graduated Columbia University with a degree in Chemical Engineering and Applied Math. Currently works with financial modeling and software development at an international bank.