Our Calculus Course

Data from our 2018 Calculus Course:

21 girls joined us for a one week calculus intensive. The course also included computer science activities and an astronomy and planetary science lecture.

In only 5 days, the girls learned most of the material covered in a semester-long calculus course. At the end of the week, they completed a calculus test, and 2 girls obtained a perfect score. We asked a few graduate students (currently working towards their PhDs in STEM fields) to take the same test and their average scores were 85. Six of the girls from the summer program beat the graduate students' mean score.

Future programs:

Class of 2019 - Curitiba

Due to the pandemic, we‘ve had to postpone our 2020 course. We hope to resume in person classes in 2021.

We plan to start online activities this December. Updates will be posted in the Portuguese website.