WLF Program

we build the future together

WLF is a non-profit that offers STEM related educational programs for young women.

We believe that innovation and discovery are fed by diversity. But currently, STEM fields are stifled by the under-representation of women. Due to stereotypes and biases at home, school, and in everyday life, girls around the world are discouraged from pursuing these fields. If this is allowed to persist, we as a society will continue to miss out on many of the advances these women could have made. We believe this must be addressed, not only as a matter of fairness and equality, but also as a matter of common sense: potential should not be wasted.

In the International Mathematics Olympiads, 88% of the American teams since 1974 were entirely male. Since Brazil started participating in 1979, only 10 of the Brazilian participants were women.

Our programs seek to show that STEM fields can be accessible to all.

Our calculus course, in particular, was designed to help students learn what is often perceived as a difficult subject in a fun and quick 1 week course. Thus, we not only give them a head start if they choose to pursue a career in STEM, but also help them to recognize their own talents which are so often overlooked by those around them.

Last year, Brazil's aerospace institute (ITA) accepted only 5 women and 105 men. (2018)

Also, if you want to learn more about our upcoming program in December 2019 that will take place in Curitiba (Brazil), check out the Portuguese version of our website, follow us on Facebook where we'll share pictures from the event, and stay tuned for more updates.

Can you help keep this program alive?

If you like the initiative, and want to see more programs like this one, please contribute.

While most summer programs cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per student, thanks to our volunteers the average cost per student is just $50 dollars. As the program grows, we hope to even further reduce that cost.

But, in order to make sure everyone has access to our programs, we need your help! Please consider sponsoring a student or find out other ways you can make a difference on our donations page.